My expository story: A way you can help other people Benchmark: January,15,2017

There are so many ways to be helpful, my way to be helpful is to cook.Like when my parents have a lot to do I could help them by cooking dinner for my parents. Maybe if someone I knew got sick, ill, going into surgery, or someone in there family died. I could make dinner for them or bake treats. Those people would think that was really helpful and made stuff easier for them and they would appreciate it. Also to be nice for example around the holidays I could bake ¬†cookies, and different treats for my neighbors and friends. The neighbors might think that is very helpful because they wouldn’t have to go and bake treats they would already have some sweet treats. As you can see there are many different ways you can be helpful just by cooking. The reason I love cooking is because a little small meal can helpcor be really helpful to other people!!!!!!!

another classic story Written by: Katherine Grace Dusek