A Story with all my Spelling words called: A School Day

It was the first friday of school. I got up made sure I had enough breakfast. I had ten waffles and a hundred mini chocolate chips on the waffles. I almost forgot I had a glass of water too. Next I got dressed. I have several outfits. Usually I wear a T-shirt and leggings. When the bus goes down the street he stops at my house. Our bus driver is a great driver. Until he honks the horn and says you can call that person on the phone later. I go to White Oak. It was built a long time ago. It is one of the best places in the state maybe even the earth. It definitely makes the top 10 places list When I got on the bus a kid named Hayden just stood there with a paper asking me the answers to our homework. Then I had quickly gone through 4 classes, lunch, enchaments, and recess. Then I was in art class. Our assignment was to make something with clay. I formed a dinosaur. The boys were messy. Their table was loud. I came home from a regular school day!

Another classic written by: Kate Dusek     Spelling words

1. first

2. enough

3. ten

4. hundred

5. almost

6. water

7. several

8. usually

9. goes

10. great

11. until

12. later

13. built

14. state

15. earth

16. list

17. stood

18. answers

19. formed

20. their