My wildflower project: The California poppy

The California poppy’s scientific classification is Papaveraceae & its scientific name is Escholzia Californica. My flower grows everywhere in Texas but the panhandle. The blooming period is April-August. Height is 12-18 inches. Its suggested uses are borders, rock gardens, meadows & mixes. The California poppy is a beautiful peachy, orange & yellow flower with exquisite curved petals. people call it the cup-shaped flower also. Its Germination is 15-30 days and That the amazing facts and description of the beautiful and amazing California poppy. If you would like to see a picture of the California poppy then search online California poppy and if you want to see where to look at different types of flowers than search wildflowers in bloom.aggies

Goodbye 4th Grade

I liked the field trips and teachers in 4th grade.

I learned to compare fractions.

The advice I would give to 3rd grade coming in to 4th would be listen and obey your teacher and all the teachers and very nice and awesome so either teacher you get is great they all are.

So goodbye 4th grade!