9-11 Reflections

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Things I would like to say that I have heard about 9-11 is that is was very tragic that so many people lost their lives. People who were in the planes, thoses who were in the buildings, near the areas. Last but not least the ones we honor truly the most is the Military, Army, Navy, Police, Firefighters, Ambulance, or just regular people that just helped because they wanted to. The reason I chose this picture of the people that died from 9-11 is because it shows that if mess with America and caused this many people to die and bring  a huge threat on us we are going to get you back at you. That is why the Government and others that protect our country went and destroyed most of the land where those hijackers came from. Also the person who was in charge of the attack he did not go but they found him and took care of him. I learned that the reason the planes crashed was that the hijackers thought that when people did not believe in their religion they were ”against” them. So part of their religion was if they took care of themselves and the people that were ”against” them would bring them fortune in heaven. Personally my favorite part of 9-11 is when the last plane was for either the White House or U.S Capitol. Todd Beamer and others decided to take matters into their own hands and their plan was to throw coffee in the hijackers’ face. People had told them about the hijackers and that is how they knew. Before they went to do their plan Todd said ”let’s roll.” They crashed in a field in pennsylvania.  None of the people lived but they saved our country. 9-11 is very important and we have to remember there is extreme evil but extreme good

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