My day as a Superhero!

Hi, I’m Kate but when I’m not using my secret identity I’m S.S. (Super Speed.) I fight I.M. Evil everyday even though I always win. But he just keeps coming back for more. But today I almost lost. Yesterday I used my super speed and went down to Jerry’s pie shop and launched one at I.M. Evil and that pie hit him right in the face. He got salty and and went down to his layer or whatever. He lost AGAIN! But back to today Me and Layne (sidekick) were flying and running (Layne can fly.) Then I.M. Evil took Layne I was worried. I used my super speed and listened to the sound of Layne screaming help. I went to I.M. Evil’s layer. Then the lights turned off and a spotlight was on Me, Layne and I.M. Evil. So cliche’.” So I finally captured you and sidekick in my layer”.” I’ll just beat you again it’s 2 against 1.” I said. “But unless you have someone else your own your own.” “What?” I said confused. I.M. Evil said a very awful thing next. “Sidekicks on my side!” “What?” “It’s true.” Said Sidekick. Then I screamed so loud it broke I.M. Evil’s glasses. Then I ran super fast to the Smithsonian* got the giant mammoth and threw it at I.M. Evil’s layer. I saved Layne and good news is she’s back to normal. The next day at school on the TV in the Cafeteria and on the news it said “S.S. and Sidekick have done it again. “They destroyed and captured I.M. Evil and His Layer is destroyed. “S.S. and Sidekick and awesome!” I said.”Agreed!”

One thought on “My day as a Superhero!

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