Dear Mrs. Larue (Mrs. Larue point of view)

Dear Ike,

I finally got to write you back. That’s right I Mrs. Larue feel really bad about sending you away but you pulled the last straw when you ripped my zebra fur coat. But I know that Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy is a good place I signed you up for the best course. There you should be getting the best food and the best room all of the best stuff. You should be fine. Love always

Mrs. Larue


         NEWS EXCLUSIVE                                 

reporter: How do you feel about Ike leaving?

Mrs. Larue: guilty. I remember when I first got Ike. At the pet store out of all the dogs Ike looked the                                    most poor. But I knew I could give him a good home. I’ve been around the house picking up Ike’s                                        toys, leftovers, notes from his typewriter. I’ve really been missing him but I never thought he would run away from the school. I don’t know where he is. I’m worried.



Mrs. Larue: I was walking across the street and bright lights, horn honking, a flurry ball of fur pushed me out of the way. It was Ike! YAY! Thank goodness I took him out of school and he still obeyed me! I gave him a nice big chicken pot pie! I’m just glad to have Ike back!


My day as a Superhero!

Hi, I’m Kate but when I’m not using my secret identity I’m S.S. (Super Speed.) I fight I.M. Evil everyday even though I always win. But he just keeps coming back for more. But today I almost lost. Yesterday I used my super speed and went down to Jerry’s pie shop and launched one at I.M. Evil and that pie hit him right in the face. He got salty and and went down to his layer or whatever. He lost AGAIN! But back to today Me and Layne (sidekick) were flying and running (Layne can fly.) Then I.M. Evil took Layne I was worried. I used my super speed and listened to the sound of Layne screaming help. I went to I.M. Evil’s layer. Then the lights turned off and a spotlight was on Me, Layne and I.M. Evil. So cliche’.” So I finally captured you and sidekick in my layer”.” I’ll just beat you again it’s 2 against 1.” I said. “But unless you have someone else your own your own.” “What?” I said confused. I.M. Evil said a very awful thing next. “Sidekicks on my side!” “What?” “It’s true.” Said Sidekick. Then I screamed so loud it broke I.M. Evil’s glasses. Then I ran super fast to the Smithsonian* got the giant mammoth and threw it at I.M. Evil’s layer. I saved Layne and good news is she’s back to normal. The next day at school on the TV in the Cafeteria and on the news it said “S.S. and Sidekick have done it again. “They destroyed and captured I.M. Evil and His Layer is destroyed. “S.S. and Sidekick and awesome!” I said.”Agreed!”

Moving west

Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a pioneer. A pioneer is someone in search of a better life. It’s been 3 hours on the trail. I’m riding in a Conestoga wagon. That’s a covered wagon. My Brother and Dad are moving west to mine for gold I shall assist them but the main reason I’m moving west is to open up a garden on the frontier. I bet those minors get pretty hungry! By the way if you were wandering what a frontier is it’s a part of the country that hasn’t been settled yet. Are the wagons are lined up one behind the other that’s called a wagon train. Good news my sister and mother will help me with my garden and my brother told me would be know as a forty-niner it’s a fancy term for minor. So when I’m assisting just call me a forty-niner!

My patriotic poem about Nathanael Greene

Nathanael Green’s first nickname is savior of the south

his second nickname is the fighting quaker

major general of American  army

fought Lord Cornwallis

Nathanael Greene

he was selfless

he was definitely a patriot

       he was the continental army’s quartermaster general

    many places in the U.S. are named after Greene